SWJ Group

SWJ Group

SWJ Group are a Mancunian band who make music to nod your head to.

Funky, groovy tunes with a hint of Manchester grit, they hit a groove and stay on it, making every gig an event filled with happy vibes.

Wah, beats, keys and above all else – top tunes, combine to make a huge sound, some call it Slacker Funk, some call it Mancadelic – It’s best you see them and make up your own mind!

In the words of the band themselves “All you got to do is live and love”


Whilst many people still listen back to the ‘Madchester’ era, SWJ Group use the inspiration but also new creation: putting out something powerful, punchy and infectiously catchy “(Louder Than War)


Stephen Wilson Jnr          (Vocals)

Mr Boon                              (Guitar)

Wez                                       (Guitar)

Doy                                        (Bass)

Temmy                                 (Drums)

JJ                                             (Keyboards)


Useful links:

Website – www.swjgroup.co.uk

Facebook – www.facebook.com/swjgroup

Instagram – www.instagram.com/swjgroup

Twitter – www.twitter.com/groupswj

Louder Than War review: https://louderthanwar.com/swj-group-scribbles-single-review/